Days 8-11: A Week With Spider Bites

I don’t regret our awesome time of working in the yard on Sunday. I knew I was coming out of it with a few (I thought) mosquito bites, some soreness and a raw spot on my thumb from raking. What I didn’t realize until Wednesday was that I also got 3 spider bites.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned how I have pretty intense allergic reactions to mosquito bites. And although it is really early for mosquitoes I saw and killed on that bit my knee, so I know there were some out with us. So I naturally assumed that the 3 bites on my ankle were also from mosquitoes. They were all red, swollen and itching like crazy. What started to concern me was on Tuesday when I woke up and it actually hurt to put weight on my foot. Then I noticed the swelling. Then the spreading redness. Then the bite spots started turning purple. And the pain was still there.

On Wednesday I asked the nurse I worked with if she’d ever seen an allergic reaction to mosquito bites like this – because it was certainly new for me, especially the pain and swelling. That’s when she told me they looked like spider bites. So I started to Google.

Turns out all my symptoms are very typical of venomous spider bites – particularly of jumping spiders, which are the most common venomous spiders in the US. I knew it wasn’t a black widow bite because that gets pretty severe pretty fast. It could have been a recluse, but jumping spider fits better. At this point it’s been 3 days, so I’m wondering if I should go to the doctor. I decided to wait it out another day to see if it starts improving or not. And it has been getting a little better every day, so I think I’m doing ok. Benadryl, Ibuprophen and hydrocortisone cream are my friends. But wow, this has been quite the experience.

My one question is why 3 bites? I can understand a spider feeling threatened and biting once, but did it just think, “She’s yummy, I think I’ll have a bit more”? I suppose it could have been 3 spiders, but that’s not very likely, especially when all three bites are right in the same area. Mysteries.

So needless to say there hasn’t been any exercising going on since yoga on Tuesday morning – my foot has been way too swollen and painful to do much. But on other counts, my journey for reordering my life has progressed quite well this week.

I’ve been working on some albums for our photography clients, which is fulfilling to my creative side. I’ve been reading The E-Myth Enterprise (great book, by the way) to feed my intellectual side and to help me learn more. I have this insatiable desire to learn more about business, appropriate since my husband and I own 2 businesses (Photography and Screen Printing/T-Shirt Shop) and are considering starting a 3rd (Coffee Shop). And I’ve also started reading One Thousand Gifts which is helping me grow spiritually. So all in all the quest continues.

I’m going to really endeavor to post more and enjoy the blogging part of the bloggrimage – I’ve just had a hard time getting in the flow :).

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One Response to Days 8-11: A Week With Spider Bites

  1. yay! i am so happy you are reading one thousand gifts. very cool friend. sorry about the spider bites. that stinks!!!

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