Great Mouse Caper

So Sunday morning I wake up to this sound of tapping or squeaking, not really sure what it is, and the sound of the cat dashing around. In my half awake state I figure the cat is chasing a bug around the bathroom. No, no. As I discover when I actually get up later, he had caught a mouse and was playing with it. It is now lying on the rug by our bedroom door as a present. Good Aiden.

I cover it with tissue paper, so I don’t accidentally step on it – no way I’m touching it – and when Joel gets up I inform him that he can dispose of it. Which he does – because he is great like that đŸ™‚ . And can I just diverge for a moment and say how awesome it is to have a husband to kill bugs and dispose of mice and such things?

So we’re getting ready for church and all of a sudden Joel says, “Babe, there were two. Aiden’s caught another one.” We got a mattress from my mom and it got ripped on the side seam when we brought it upstairs, and because I haven’t tackled the guest room yet, it has just been in there on the floor. Well the mice thought it might be a good place to get busy, if you know what I mean. So Aiden carried mouse #2 downstairs and proceeds to LET IT GO in the kitchen. It of course scurries under the fridge and despite our efforts of moving the fridge out and in several times, we can’t seem to get it to come out for Aiden to catch again.

Both cats are now stalking the mouse. We leave for church. I’m slightly terrified of the thought of a mouse loose in our kitchen, and possibly dying under the fridge or getting lodged in there some how. We get home and both cats are right where we left them. Oh great!

That evening the mouse decides to venture out (stupid, stupid) and of course Aiden catches her again – Joel seems to have decided the other one was a boy – only to let her go AGAIN this time in the living room. She quickly hides behind the bookshelf, so Joel proceeds to take out enough of the books to enable us to move the bookshelf. At this point I am on the couch yelling at Aiden for not just killing it. Aiden is not concerned at all about the mouse’s escape – he’s totally playing “cat and mouse” as it were. So I decide that we should open the door, so once Aiden catches the mouse we can put them both outside, and he can play with her OUTSIDE. However, once the door opens Aiden is gone – the outdoors are like a drug to him; he just can’t help himself.

So we get the mouse to run into the office where we (and by we I mean Joel – I helped make barriers once we knew where the mouse was) trap her in a corner and go get our other cat Gwyn. Joel actually puts Gwyn in front of the mouse, and she proceeds to run away. Total fail. Not to be thwarted though, Joel catches the mouse himself in a box and takes her outside far away into the woods. And that is how our Sunday went.

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