Mini Domestic Goddess

I’m having a bit of a domestic goddess day. This must be how pregnant women feel when they are nesting. When we got home from church I made us some easy sandwiches for lunch before starting some bread in the bread machine.

Joel and I love bread, which is why we decided to get a bread machine with some of our wedding gift cards – why we didn’t think to register for one to begin with is beyond me, but oh well, we have one now. And I love it! All except for the fact that I can’t seem to get it to turn out a decent loaf of wheat bread – which Joel loves. I personally could eat white bread for the rest of my life and be perfectly content, but as I want to make things Joel loves too, in addition to wanting to be healthier myself, I am on a quest to make good wheat bread in our bread machine. So I looked up a recipe online  – I have given up on the recipes it came with after two completely inedible failures – hopefully the third time is a charm.

I then decided to try to make croutons out of one of the loaves of the driest, densest bread imaginable (wheat bread failure #2).  Then I whipped up our butter that I’ve been meaning to for days (I whip our butter with canola oil to make it spreadable). And while I am cleaning up, I decide that I really need to spray down the counter tops and scrub them up. In the midst of all of this I baked some cookies (I had previously made the dough and frozen it in portions because I really love fresh cookies) and finished folding our laundry. What a productive afternoon – if only every day was like this!

Now I am off to tackle cleaning my office/sewing room, which has been in shambles for oh….months. Talk to you later!

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One Response to Mini Domestic Goddess

  1. angie says:

    you will make a great mom some day. soon? 😉

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