Full of Promise

I’ve discovered something about myself. Or perhaps I’m just re-discovering something that has been there all along, but it has been buried for so long that I had forgotten about it…I love envisioning new things. Like LOVE it!

I love thinking about all the possibilities and how to make it all happen and what it will look like and how to grow it and what it’s impact will be. This totally energizes me. I’ve recently started dreaming about starting some new things, and it has me totally excited. At this point they are purely ideas; I have no clue if they will actually manifest. But I hope they do. Because dreaming about them makes me come alive.

Some people don’t like change. I can understand that – change is hard. It usually means giving up something of ourselves, and no one likes that. Even if what we are getting is worlds better, there’s still that little death to die…the death of the familiar. I like the idea of change when it means birthing something new – especially when that new thing is something that is lacking in our world.

I think that my generation has a deep need to take ownership of something in order to invest themselves in it. We like the idea of mine. Even if mine is also yours and  yours and yours…as long as my voice is heard, and I feel that my contribution makes a difference, I’m in. It’s part of how God made us. We long for adventure, for something that demands all of us, something bigger than us – something to live for, something to die for.

What makes you come alive? Sometimes finding it takes you by surprise. All of a sudden you’re doing something, and you just realize it. This is what I was made for. Max Lucado calls it your “sweet spot” (The Cure for the Common Life). It’s where what you’re good at intersects with what you’re passionate about. It’s where we ultimately want to live.

Have you taken any time to dream about your sweet spot, about what makes you come alive? Are you taking the plunge and learning to live there? Or have you gotten burned by disappointment and decided (whether consciously or not) that dreaming is far to painful a venture to be embarked on? I’ve been there. Many times.

When I get to that place I usually turn to the basics – what has made my heart sing before? For me it’s worship, certain books (generally by John Eldridge) and journaling. I find that when I go there, my wounds begin to heal, and I begin to get the passion and vision for dreaming again. It makes such a difference – and it fills you with hope. So go ahead, take some time to dream today!

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2 Responses to Full of Promise

  1. i have just recently found my “sweet spot” shannon. it feels like i just stumbled upon it, but really i know that god has been preparing me for this moment my whole life. sometimes it is so difficult to see how god can use the devastating times in our lives and turn it into something absolutely beautiful. but i am a testimony to just that. my life was turned upside down by a car accident. but without going through that, i know that i would not have my art business today. it really is amazing when i think about it!!!

    i can’t wait to see the doors that god opens for you shannon!

    • Shannon says:

      I’m so excited for you too Wendy! It is amazing what God does to turn something devastating, or even just commonplace, and makes it into something extraordinary. I’m enjoying the journey!

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